Wednesday, January 17, 2007


old writings, newly found feelings.

when things begin to change, and things just arent right;
she then begins to worry, and her thoughts begin to fight.
she hates not knowing what it is, and just knowing that it's there...
has she done something wrong? has she been unfair?
she realizes that some things just need to be done,
but why is it that when she tries, all she does is run?
then something inside, just calls out her name....
does everything really have to stay the same?
and some things change, and some things come and go,
and there's one thing she figures out, one thing that she now knows
although things change, that doesnt mean things are bad,
it really depends on whether, she decides to act sad or mad.
who controls her future? who controls her actions?
who controls whether her life is one big satisfaction?

no one but her.

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