Wednesday, February 21, 2007

almost, but no.

have you ever had that feeling when something's so close, yet so far away? like when you wait for your next birthdaay with so much excitement that you can just taste that sweet cake in your mouth. or when you wait at the end of the line to pay for something, and the door to mrs. smith's office doesnt seem to get any closer. or when you wait in your last class for the 2:45 bell to ring...and thats when five minutes seem to be half an hour. or when you want the cold, winter days to end, longing for the warmth of the sun during the spring. or when you wait for the long year to finally end...waiting for that first day of summer break, where you can just sleep all day. or when you sit and count the days 'til the next harry potter book comes out. or when you wait day after day for your first paycheck. or when you check your calendar everyday to see if the day you get your new cellphone is getting closer. or when you get excited, glancing at the clock every two minutes, waiting for that favorite aunt you havent seen in so long to arrive. or when you're sitting in your room, anxiously waiting for seven o'clock, so you can brag to your mom about your A+ test. or when even if you're next to him, you still feel like you're miles apart. whatever it may be, we know it sucks to almost be there, to be so close, but still have a far way to go.

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