Friday, March 30, 2007

every fifteen minutes.

that's four ppl in an hour. and ninetysix ppl in a day. yesterday i was moved by the car crash scene, but not enough to make me cry. today, the funeral really affected me. i was in tears. it finally sunk in, what athena said in her blog: this could happen to ANYBODY. i sat there and thought, what if this was real? what if it was the person sitting next to me? what if it was ren? or my mom? or my dad? what if it was one of my best friends? what if it was shane? what if it was ME? i began to bawl. the box of tisses was going around and even as i blew my nose and wiped my tears, they just kept coming. and right after it ended, i saw one of my best friends standing there, crying so hard, needing a hug. and as i went over to hug her i couldnt help but cry again: cry with her. why do we wait to tell people how we feel until it's too late? for some people in this world, they dont get the chance to tell their loved ones how much they mean to them because accidents like this happen.

today in mr. meloche's class, we had a socratic seminar on gilgamesh and we connected it to the whole every 15 minutes program. mr. meloche said that there were people who cried during the mock funeral not because they think it's real, but because the whole thing triggered a memory: for a lot of people, the mock funeral reminded them of a time when they had lost someone close to them. one of my best friends looked extremely sad after the funeral and i asked, "you okay?" and he told me about a friend he had awhile back that died for that reason: a drunk driver. even though i have never personally experienced a person close to me's death, there have been people in my family who have died. my mom's brother died a year ago, and i remember the heavy grief it brought to my home. and just 2 days ago, my dad's sister died. i guess it made me even more sad during the funeral because i realized that i wish i could have said some things to my aunt and uncle before they passed away. think about it. there are too many things that go unsaid...and maybe even some things that shouldnt have been said. why wait until you lose a person?

live each day to the fullest; cliche but TRUE. you never know if your best friend or brother or sister or other half will be there tomorrow. or even YOU. dont wait 'til its too late to make things right. dont wait 'til its too late to say what you need to say. dont wait 'til its too late to show how much you love that person. dont wait 'til its too late to hang on tighter to whats slipping away.
life is too cant hold back on anything cuz you never know when things will just disappear before your eyes. so GO. go and say that thing you've been holding back to say. go and do what you've been thinking about doing for the longest time. just GO. have no regrets.

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