Thursday, May 22, 2008

true story

the darkening sky with the rumbling in the distance could only mean one thing. and not a happy thing, that's for sure. boom boom goes the thunder. boom boom goes her heart, nervous and afraid. it starts to rain outside...and on his face. questions, questions...just ten minutes before, the sun was peeking through the clouds; not a sight of the grumbling, crying sky. only goes to show that anything is possible. expect the unexpected, they say. she pushes the thought to the back of her mind. why the tears, she cries. just silence. only the thunder and rain answer her questions. dont be nervous, she whispers to the wind. lips quivering, knees shaking...gee, it's cold outside. it starts to pour. i mean, really pour. the pouring rain drowned her heart, and drowned her well as his. dont hide, she says...dont hide..

she steps out and says goodbye. but only for now. the rain calms, slowing down its flow. it's easier to breathe outside. his tires splash away, her shoes slip through the puddles. the sun peeks out again, but only just a little. she continues to walk, letting the rain drizzle on her face, as she sings...alone, with just the wind whispering its comfort, she sings out. literally. the melody of her thoughts, at first, brought a sad tune..and a little more rain. it was not a pretty melody, for the lack of real talent..but it was full of pure heart. her eyes close. focusing on the little light the hiding sun had brought, her lyrics change course...and harmonize with the nervous melody. it's a paradoxical life. with the sun and the rain. the laughter and the pain. it creates a perfect harmony. for her, it's all worth every drop. they make it through every storm...there's no way she would ever stop.

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