Thursday, January 25, 2007

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sympathetic, i see her life in her lonely eyes. like a faint memory, she tells me about her day and it replays in my mind. she tells me..."you know something's wrong when everytime you go home and look in the mirror, eyes are red and you can see where tears have been..." all the worries of her troubled mind come pouring out of her mouth like word vomit, and it overwhelms me. i cant keep up with her story. its like her life goes in a fast and forward motion, and she never seems to fully understand the blanks. and yes, there are blanks. she tells me of times when she feels like nothing is there; when no one cares. she tells me that she feels empty inside. how do you fill an empty hole when there's no one who cares enough to fill it? i look at her face, which seems to have lost all happiness. "there's hope," i tell her. "dont give up. everything will be okay." i reach out to touch her, to let her know im there. but then she slowly disappears, fading away, until she becomes thin air...

okay. so i lied. im not going to stop posting. i cant. it's my only vent.

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PHiL0PHiLiAC said...

" oh dear, you look so lost .
eyes are red and tears are shed ..
this world you must have crossed "
yes, my solo waas awesome .

i would say,
you can vent to me, anytime .
but that's your call