Friday, November 16, 2007

these are my confessions.

guilty. guilty because i do it intentionally. agitated. agitated because im the only one who's affected. upset. upset when you make assumptions about things you dont know about (such as now; who said i was talking about YOU?). pleased. pleased every time i see you angry. depressed. depressed for being second to none. forgiving. forgiving because i probably do worse things. elated. elated whenever you walk away thinking what you do. annoyed. annoyed every time i hear your obnoxious laughter. aggravated. aggravated at every passing. frustrated. frustrated for the thorn you create in my side. embarrassed. embarrassed because i dont really deserve your kindness. accomplished. accomplished every time you give me that look. afraid. afraid of losing what keeps me alive. nanghihinayang. nanghihinayang ako sa pagtapon ng ating nakaraan. pero wala na akong magagawa pa. nagawa ko na ang lahat.

there's so many different people in our lives. which ones are you?

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