Wednesday, December 05, 2007

spencer: "seventh period!!"

and the whole class cheeers, screams, and shouts. that's how we start every class period, every day. it's FABULOUS. you have no idea just how much i love that class. hahaha. despite how hard it is, it is my favorite class this year. and dont get me wrong: the people in my class, all the fun we have in seventh period, our discussions, how chill mrs spencer is with us...all of these are great contributors to why i love love love english this year, BUT i can truly say i enjoy what we do in that class. and i mean countless times during cluster, vishal, habashi, and i talk about how we dont feel like going to english that day. and EVERY SINGLE DAY never fails to make us feel FULFILLED as we walk out of the building. with all the fun discussions we have as a class, we DO learn things! believe it or not! hahahaha. plus having edwin in our discussions makes sure we dont lose track of the intellectual part of each discussion. haha. so today in class we were talking about guys&girls stereotypes right, and it eventually led to talking about emotions. which was interesting for me, of course. and then mrs. spencer said something along these lines:

""one cannot truly feel an emotion without experiencing the other one"

and then we all applauded her for coming up with that on the spot (hahaha we tend to applaud A LOT in that class). we all thought she got it from somewhere. and then mrs spencer and i started talking about that & i was telling her about this quote that was sorta like what she had just said: "Those who do not know how to weep with their whole heart don't know how to laugh either (Golda Meir)." i totally agree with these statements. one cant have experienced true happiness if they've never felt real sadness. because it's the negative things in life that make everything else so much sweeter(:

right there would probably be a good way to end a post, but i just have to say this cuz it was HILARIOUS in class today!! nikhil and gaby were writing the class's examples of stereotypes for guys and girls on the board, right. and then ryoo says how its a stereotype that guys supposedly do not look past physical appearance, and mrs spencer rephrased that saying, "guys are physically stimulated." then freaakin nikhil turns around and has this ridiculous smile on his face...and we all laugh for like five minutes. it was HILARIOUS. you have no idea. and then i tell mrs spencer, "you mean visually stimulated!" and she laughs & says, "exactly! thats what i meant." and then the class couldnt stop laughing. we're so bad; i love my seventh period(:

ahh this is such a long post..but im avoiding the ridiculous amount of studying & reading that i should be doing until i let all my thoughts out..cuz i just cant concentrate. the poor boy talked to me again today. he confessed to me that he still has feelings for 'that one girl' and it keeps him up at night. i told him, "some things are just hard to get over. especially at our school, we're so small you cant avoid anyone. and seeing them every day hurts a little because you cant help but remember how things used to be. but the world is always changing so we just gotta live with that and move along with it." i go on and on for the approximately thirty minute bus ride, telling him things that are hard for ME to do. i wish i could take my own advice...honestly the whole time i was giving him that speech, i wasnt really thinking of his situation. there was only one person on my mind as i was speaking. the bus stopped in the oxford parking lot and i shook myself awake from my thoughts. tomorrow morning i will wake up and be fine; and who knows if ill have one of those occasional moments where i zone out and sadly reminisce. but hey, no regrets, right?

"dont cry cuz it's over. smile because it happened."

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